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Analysis of the price of lasers in the Chinese market

Views:0     Author:hu     Publish Time: 2021-08-24      Origin:dapeng

With the more and more widespread application of laser technology and the gradual mastery of laser technology by domestic enterprises, the price of lasers today is far from the high price level of the monopoly period of foreign products. How much has the price of lasers dropped compared to a few years ago? For the same type of laser, which company sells the cheapest and which is the most expensive?

In this issue, the editor has compiled the latest big data on laser price quotations. This data was jointly released by Guangxi Huihui and Wuhan Literature and Information Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Because there are many laser manufacturers at home and abroad, this data only lists some of them. And the basic types of fiber lasers, CO2 lasers, solid-state lasers, etc. are the objects of this analysis. Professional data in the professional field for your reference.

Judging from the selling prices of major lasers in the domestic market, the price of fiber lasers with an average power of less than 30W is less than 100,000 yuan, and the price of imported lasers is significantly higher than that of domestic lasers. The price of CO2 lasers within 100W does not exceed 100,000 yuan. The price of 10-20W low-power CO2 lasers and infrared lasers does not exceed 30,000 yuan.

Fiber laser price analysis

Before Raycus Laser was founded, my country's fiber lasers basically relied on imports, which were expensive and had a long supply cycle. The birth of Raycus series products and the emergence of Chinese fiber laser manufacturers flourishing, broke the monopoly of foreign companies in the field of fiber lasers, and directly lowered the price of imported products, forcing the price of similar imported products to drop by 50%.

At present, the price of Raycus's low-power fiber lasers of 10 to 30W will be 40% to 50% lower than similar imported fiber lasers.


The main price reference of 10~30W fiber laser on the market in 2016

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Dapeng laser specializing in R&D, manufacturing laser marking, cutting and welding machines, we also provides Laser sources and spare parts to the laser machine manufacturers in China and surrounding countries.

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