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Application of UV laser cutting technology in high-end industry

Views:0     Author:hu     Publish Time: 2021-09-15      Origin:dapeng

With the gradual maturity and stability of ultraviolet lasers, the laser processing industry has shifted from infrared lasers to ultraviolet lasers. At the same time, the application of ultraviolet lasers is becoming more and more popular, and laser applications are moving towards a broader field.

UV laser wafer cutting

The surface of the sapphire substrate is hard, and the general cutter wheel is difficult to cut, and the wear is large, the yield is low, and the cutting path is larger than 30 μm, which not only reduces the use area, but also reduces the output of the product. Driven by the blue and white LED industry, the demand for sapphire substrate wafer cutting has increased greatly, and higher requirements have been put forward for improving productivity and finished product qualification rate.

UV laser ceramic cutting

In the last century, the application of electronic ceramics has gradually matured with a wider range of applications, such as heat dissipation substrates, piezoelectric materials, resistors, semiconductor applications, biological applications, etc. In addition to traditional ceramic processing technology, ceramic processing has also entered due to the increase in application types. In the field of laser processing. According to the types of ceramic materials, it can be divided into functional ceramics, structural ceramics and bio-ceramics. Lasers that can be used to process ceramics include CO2 lasers, YAG lasers, green lasers, etc. However, with the gradual miniaturization of components, ultraviolet laser processing has become a necessary processing method, which can process many types of ceramics.

UV laser glass cutting

Driven by the rise of smart phones, the application of ultraviolet lasers has gradually had room for development. In the past, because mobile phones did not have many functions and the cost of laser processing was high, laser processing did not occupy much position in the mobile phone market. However, smart phones now have many functions and are highly integrated. It is necessary to integrate data in a limited space. Ten kinds of sensors and hundreds of functional devices, and high component costs, have greatly increased the accuracy, yield, and processing requirements. Ultraviolet lasers have developed a variety of applications in the mobile phone industry.

UV laser ITO dry etching

The biggest feature of smart phones is the touch screen function. Capacitive touch screens can achieve multi-touch. Corresponding to resistive touch screens, it has longer life and faster response. Therefore, capacitive touch screens have become the mainstream choice for smart phones.

In the past, the etching of ITO circuits used wet etching. The yellow light process was used to make the circuits, and then the ITO film on the surface was removed through an etching solution to form the circuits, which was time-consuming and polluted. The use of ultraviolet laser cutting has the following characteristics:

1) Good quality: UV laser with international advanced technology has the advantages of good beam quality, small focused spot, uniform power distribution, small thermal effect, small slit width, high cutting quality, etc.;

2) High precision: with high-precision galvanometer and platform, the precision is controlled in the micron level;

3) No pollution: remove ITO with laser, no chemicals, no pollution to the environment, no harm to operators, environmental protection and safety;

4) Fast speed: You can work directly after loading the CAD graphics, without exposure and development and other manufacturing processes, avoiding the cost and time of mask production, and speeding up development;

5) Low cost: No yellow light and wet process equipment are required, and the construction cost is reduced by more than 30% compared with the original wet process production line. There are no other consumables in the production process, which reduces the production cost.

UV laser circuit board cutting

The use of laser for circuit board cutting was first used for flexible circuit board cutting. Because of the wide variety of circuit boards, the early processing used mold forming, but the production cost of the mold is high and the production cycle is long, so the use of ultraviolet laser processing can eliminate the mold production Cost and cycle time, greatly increase the time of sample production.

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