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Beam expander lens

Beam expander lens
  • DPH- Beam expander lens

Introduction to laser beam expander:
A beam expander is a lens assembly that is capable of varying the diameter and divergence of the laser beam. The laser beam emitted from the laser has a certain divergence angle. For laser processing, only the laser beam becomes a collimated (parallel) beam by the adjustment of the beam expander, and a small high-power density spot can be obtained by using the focusing mirror; In laser ranging, the beam collimation must be maximized to achieve the desired long-distance measurement. The beam expander can be used to change the beam diameter for different optical instruments. The filter can be used to make the asymmetric beam distribution become symmetric and to distribute the light energy more evenly. The larger the magnification of the beam expander, the larger the resulting exit spot, and the resulting divergence angle of the light is the smallest (because the X-fold beam expander can compress the divergence angle of the incident light to one of the original X points), the closer it is to Parallel light, so that the spot that is focused by the field lens will be finer, the energy will be more concentrated, and the words that are printed will be less deformed. But the larger the multiple of the beam expander, the better, because we have to consider other factors.

CO2 marking machines generally choose a beam expander according to several principles:
1. The effective diameter of the entrance port is greater than or equal to the diameter of the incident spot.
2, the effective diameter of the Shekou is greater than or equal to the diameter of the exit spot
3, the size of the exit spot should be less than or equal to the galvanometer spot size
4. The diameter of the exit spot should match the entrance pupil of the CO2 field mirror, that is, less than or equal to the entrance pupil.

CO2 beam expander tube classification:
1 Beam expander is divided into two types: fixed beam expander and adjustable beam expander. Each type of beam expander is divided into two types: straight tube and horn. Each shape beam expander is divided according to the installation connection. Available in cylindrical and threaded connections.
2 High-power carbon dioxide laser beam expander The distance between the two focusing lenses is adjustable. When focusing, the focusing lens moves linearly and does not rotate, which avoids the variation of the intensity distribution of different axes and beams caused by the rotation of the lens during focusing.
3 Adjustable Beam Expander Adjustable Beam Expander is designed for laser beam expander with large divergence angle. By adjusting the distance between the beams expanding the lens, the influence of the divergence angle can be eliminated within a certain range to obtain a beam beam with good collimation and good collimation. When the incident laser has a large angle of 4, the distance between the lenses is gradually increased, and the collimated laser beam can be obtained at a certain position.
5 The two lenses of the fixed beam expander fixed beam expander are fixed, and the customer can't adjust it after leaving the factory. At the factory, we can fine tune the spacing of the two lenses to get the best parallel beam. Fixed beam expanders are available in both cylindrical and threaded connections.

1 two focusing lens spacing adjustable
2 beam expansion multiple adjustable
The 3CO2mpact beam expander has a slider for locking the focus setting that can be adjusted to accommodate some beam parameters. In order to maintain a closed optical path, the output should be fitted with an adjustable beam tube to maintain a fixed length overall.

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Dapeng laser specializing in R&D, manufacturing laser marking, cutting and welding machines, we also provides Laser sources and spare parts to the laser machine manufacturers in China and surrounding countries.

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