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Hand-held laser swing welding machine for welding kitchenware

Views: 0     Author: hu     Publish Time: 2021-08-02      Origin: dapeng

From the 1980s, within a short period of 20 years of development, the kitchenware industry has become a sunrise industry, entering a stage of qualitative change from rapid growth to gradual maturity. Kitchenware, as a household daily necessities, has a huge market space. The sales volume of China's kitchenware market is increasing at a rate of 35%. So how to solve the production problem for kitchen utensils to achieve such efficiency? Use a hand-held laser swing welding machine, which saves time, effort and cost.

Parameter table of handheld laser swing welding machine:

Laser power 1000W (optional);

Laser wavelength: 1070NM;

Optical fiber length: standard 10M;

Working mode: continuous welding/spot welding;

Speed range of welding machine: 0-120mm/s;

Cooling water machine: industrial constant temperature water tank;

Working environment temperature range: 15-35;

Working environment humidity range: more than 70% and 75% without condensation

Recommended welding thickness: 0.5-5MM;

Welding fine seam requirements: greater than or equal to 1.2mm;

Working voltage: 220V;

Fiber laser service life: an average of 100,000 hours

From the above data, we can see that the work efficiency of handheld welding is 5-10 times that of traditional welding equipment, which fully meets the needs of mass production.

The hand-held fiber laser welding machine is a new technology equipment that introduces new high-tech technology. It adopts a new generation of fiber laser, which is stable and has a service life of up to 100,000 hours.

The welding process of the handheld fiber laser welding machine does not need to add welding wire and other auxiliary consumables, the welding workpiece has no deformation, no welding scar, the welding is firm, and the toughness after welding is at least equivalent to the parent material. Laser welding has a large depth and strong welding; it is not easy to deform, easy to polish, and solves the problems of weld penetration, weld bead, welding quality and other problems that occur with argon arc welding; it is also suitable for various complex welds and spot welding of various devices.

Hand-held laser welding machines are widely used in laser welding of sheet metal, chassis and water tanks, laser sealing welding of kitchen, bathroom, and wash basin hardware; laser welding of various hardware lamps, laser welding of door and window frames; laser welding of billboards and advertising characters welding.

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