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Laser cleaning machine: the advantages of cleaning rust, dirt, oil, etc.

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Laser cleaning machine: the advantages of cleaning rust, dirt, oil, etc.

Laser processing technology is now valued in major economies around the world, and its application and promotion is fast. Laser manufacturing can be found in various industrial fields. In the mold industry, whether laser cutting or welding seems to have little effect at present, but in recent years, the emerging laser cleaning has huge advantages over traditional surface cleaning. This article briefly discusses the application of laser cleaning in molds.

The mold industry has a huge demand for cleaning

Speaking of molds, it is easy for many people to understand, from small batches to the molds for cakes, to large molds for various industrial products. The carrier and support for the production of large-scale industrial products. my country has the world's largest manufacturing industry. Every industrial product has many styles and requires different molds. There are millions of molds in stock in our country. Some molds will be scrapped, but new molds are being opened every day. It can be said that the mold industry is an important support for my country's manufacturing industry.

Since the molds are often in contact with high-temperature raw materials or deal with the tensile stress of stamping, most of the molds are metal molds, and the most commonly used are various alloy steels or mold steels.


Now the precision requirements for making molds are getting higher and higher. Some of them are made up of concave and convex sets, especially for some products with sharp convexities and engravings. The molds should also be very delicate. On the contrary, laser cutting does not work. If there is an error in the accuracy of the mold, it will directly lead to the formed semi-finished product becoming a waste product, which not only wastes materials, but also brings huge losses to the enterprise.


Rusty molds have a lot of cleaning needs

The second problem is the rust cleaning of the mold. Most industrial molds are metal steel, and many molds are often rusted when they are temporarily put on hold or in standby after use. Since the mold must be clean before it can be used on the machine, the traditional cleaning will consume a lot of labor, which will bring great cleaning trouble to the manufacturer.

There are many scenarios for laser cleaning molds

The principle of laser cleaning is to use the high-energy and high-frequency beam of the laser to hit the surface of the workpiece, so that surface residues, rust, dirt, oil, etc. are instantly evaporated or turned into particles and separated from the surface of the workpiece. Anyone who has seen the effect of laser cleaning knows that as long as the laser beam sweeps, the surface will be cleaned in a few seconds.


At present, laser cleaning can effectively clean planes, curved surfaces, holes and gaps. The common handheld laser cleaning machine is more than enough to deal with the rust of general metal molds, and the cleaning time may only be one tenth of the traditional cleaning. The other is to deal with the residual raw materials on the mold, especially the mold on the production line. The efficiency of manual digging is relatively low. If you replace it with laser cleaning, the efficiency is much higher. If the laser cleaning can be synchronized to the mold production line to monitor and automatically clean the residual raw materials on the mold, the problem of long-term downtime and delay in production can be well solved.


Comparison of before and after laser cleaning tires


In addition, since manual, machine grinding, sandblasting, dry ice cleaning, etc. are still widely recognized, and their prices range from a few thousand yuan to ten or twenty thousand, far lower than laser cleaning, there is still a long way to promote laser cleaning. long. This not only requires the exploration of more process application scenarios, but also the process of users from recognition to gradual acceptance.

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