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Maintenance items for fiber laser marking machine

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Maintenance items for fiber laser marking machine

Fiber laser marking machine is a kind of marking equipment that uses a fiber laser to generate a laser beam to make permanent marks on the surface of various materials. After a period of time, the function of the fiber laser marking machine will suffer a certain loss. Daily maintenance and maintenance of the laser marking machine will help protect its functions and extend its life.

mobile phone frame laser marking machine

1. Marking machine guide rail maintenance: The fiber laser marking head is mainly composed of linear guide rail and motor. Because the guide rail directly faces the workpiece to be processed, the debris generated during the marking process of the workpiece and the dust in the field environment at ordinary times Other impurities are easy to adhere to the guide rail, which will easily cause the guide rail to wear after a long time. The guide rails should be cleaned with gasoline on a regular basis, and a proper amount of lubricating oil can be added after wiping dry. It is recommended to do this work once every two weeks. At the same time, pay attention to avoid adding oil to the timing belt in the process of cleaning and refueling.

Mobile phone shell four-side laser marking machine (5)

2. Marking machine controller maintenance: Because the fiber laser marking machine is exposed to the air for a long time, it will easily accumulate dust in the circuit board after a long time, and it will easily cause a short circuit if it is not cleaned for a long time. The cleaning method is to turn off the power of the controller, open the outer cover of the box, and blow clean the dust inside with clean air. You should also pay more attention to the dust-proof work on the outside of the box.

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3. Marking equipment computer maintenance: After the computer runs for a long time, a large number of junk files will also be generated in the system. If it is not cleaned up, it will directly affect the normal operation of the software. Do not add unidentified files and software to the system to avoid being affected by viruses, so as to ensure that the system works in a non-toxic environment. This job has certain requirements for the computer knowledge of the operators, and those who can use computers proficiently can do it by themselves.

4. Add a little oil of 20# or more to the XY axis slide bar once a week. Hold the marking head with your hand and move the marking head back and forth several times in the X and Y directions; regularly check whether the connection between the XY axis click and the timing belt wheel is loose. Check once every three months; check the tension of the XY-axis timing belt regularly (once every three months); regularly check whether the XY-axis timing belt fastening block is loose (once in March).

5. Keep the cylinder liner of the marking head clean, do not allow dust, iron filings, etc. to enter the cylinder or copper sleeve, add lubricating oil before use every day; when the air source is connected, the dual unit automatically drains, and air will be discharged at this time , The marking machine will return to normal after a few minutes, and check whether the pneumatic two-piece is normal once half a year; the needle wear can be repaired, the method of removing the needle is to turn the needle sleeve to the left and take out the rubber seal to take out the needle and return spring; Oil stains and iron filings are not allowed on the travel switch; the compressed air should meet the indicators proposed in the technical requirements.

6. Other maintenance of the fiber laser marking machine: clean the appearance of the equipment and the surrounding working environment, the chiller regularly replaces the special cooling water, cleans the water tank to ensure that the water is clean, regularly removes the dust from the cooling system and the main control box, and uses lens cleaning paper every year. More than 99.5% pure alcohol to scrub the beam expander and all-reflection lens.

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