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PCB laser marking machine helps the rapid development of PCB industry

Views:0     Author:hu     Publish Time: 2021-09-03      Origin:dapeng

As an important electronic connector, PCB is used in almost all electronic products and is considered the "mother of electronic system products". Its technological changes and market trends have become the focus of many industry players.

At present, PCB marking processing mainly includes silk screen printing and laser marking.

The traditional silk-screen printing process is rough, and the logo is easy to fall off, causing inconvenience to users. In addition, the silk screen processing procedure is cumbersome, requiring timely replacement by operators to ensure production efficiency, which increases labor costs.

With its precision and flexibility, the laser marking machine can make up for the shortcomings of screen printing, and gradually become the best processing tool for PCB marking, and will play a pivotal role in the circuit board industry!

PCB laser marking machine is a special model specially used for marking bar codes, two-dimensional codes, characters, graphics and other information on printed circuit boards. The PCB laser marking machine is used to mark information on the circuit board, which can record the relevant production information of the circuit board, realize the control of product information in the production process, and achieve the traceability of the entire life cycle of the electronic product.


What are the "shining points" of the PCB dedicated laser marking machine?

High precision: laser marking is fine and precise and non-contact processing. Thin lines below 0.1mm and characters and numbers within 0.5mm can be printed on the surface of the material. It is especially suitable for circuit boards that require extremely small graphics and text. Logo.

Safety and environmental protection: Only a small amount of gas is produced and discharged through exhaust, without the aid of chemical substances, as far as possible to protect the safety of the operator and the working environment.

High quality: Electronic chips have high requirements for marking quality, clarity, and permanence. The laser marking machine can achieve permanent and clear marking of the chip, and the mark will not fade due to external factors such as high and low temperatures, acidity and alkalinity, and friction.

In order to match the company's requirements for efficient production, the PCB dedicated laser marking machine launched by Jinbofang can help the circuit board industry complete perfect quality traceability control, and provide circuit board manufacturers with a complete set of laser equipment processing solutions.

The use of PCB dedicated laser marking machine can significantly improve production and processing efficiency and product yield. The use of advanced laser marking technology can increase productivity, reduce costs, and reduce pollution. It is an ideal choice for PCB marking.

Advantages of Jinbofang PCB special laser marking machine

◆ PCB online laser marking machine high-performance laser, good marking quality, high-precision CCD, can be connected to customer MES system data information.

◆ According to customers' PCB marking requirements and specific needs, three optical paths are available: ultraviolet laser, fiber laser, and CO2 laser.

◆ High-precision CCD realizes automatic positioning, code reading and rating.

◆ Can seamlessly connect with mature SMT assembly line

◆ It can easily connect to the customer MES system for online data transmission and information return

◆Compared with ordinary printing methods, no consumables, environmental protection, pollution-free, and maintenance-free

With the changes of the times, laser marking is constantly making breakthroughs to adapt to the development of society, gradually replacing the traditional silk screen processing, bringing new vitality to the manufacturing industry in a more convenient way, and keeping up with the pace of the industry 4.0 era. .

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