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Precision laser welding and automation solutions for the sensor industry

Views:0     Author:hu     Publish Time: 2021-09-13      Origin:dapeng

As the cutting-edge technology of modern science and technology, sensor technology is called the three pillars of information technology together with computer technology and communication technology, and has an extremely important strategic position. In recent years, the domestic sensor market has developed rapidly, but there is still a gap between domestic sensor technology and the world level. Increasing technological research and development and occupying the high-end market will become the development goal of domestic sensor technology.

According to the latest report (The global sensor market) released by the market research organization ReportLinker, the global sensor market is expected to reach US$128.56 billion by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 8.86% during 2020-2025. From the perspective of application areas, industry, automotive electronics, communications electronics, and consumer electronics occupy the largest market for domestic sensors. Among them, sensors in the industrial and automotive electronics fields account for the largest proportion, and the fastest growing automotive electronics and communications electronics application markets . Domestic sensor technology is at a critical stage of innovation and breakthrough, and reflects the general trend of integration, miniaturization, multi-function, digitization, intelligence, systemization and networking.

With the development of laser technology and automation technology and the mature application of sensor production technology, domestic companies that master the core technology of laser welding play a major role in further solving the problems of low accuracy and poor stability of traditional sensors. The sensor principle is not difficult, and it is not kept secret, but the secret is the craftsmanship.

Sensor manufacturing process introduction

1 Sensor dispensing patch

The traditional glue dispensing and patching process of the sensor is mainly completed by manual operations, including base orientation and height adjustment, dispensing, dispensing detection, chip sticking, chip sticking detection, ceramic insulating block sticking and other processes. Due to the sensor specifications, quantity, There are many processes, high precision requirements, and extremely high requirements for the proficiency of personnel. Therefore, traditional manual operations are difficult to ensure the consistency and stability of the products, resulting in low efficiency and low yield.

Lianying laser sensor automatic core line

With the development of new sensors, it is difficult for traditional manufacturing processes to meet high-precision and high-reliability production quality requirements. Lianying Laser's self-developed sensor automatically sticks to the core wire, which realizes the functions of automatic product feeding, automatic dispensing, automatic chip peeling, automatic chip bonding and automatic ceramic insulation block loading. The entire placement process is completed by automatic packaging, realizing free and rapid conversion of various formulas, and the system completes fool-proof and error-proof functions with little human intervention. The dispensing process realizes automated production and testing, ensuring the stability and consistency of the dispensing effect. The automatic pasting of the chip realizes effective control of the pasting position, angle and height, and real-time detection of the pasting effect. Ceramic insulation completes automatic assembly, and its type, positive and negative brush selection, and effective control of assembly angle and position.

2 Sensor package welding

The traditional package welding of the sensor is mainly realized in the form of argon arc welding and semi-automatic laser welding. Due to the high heat of argon arc welding, it is easy to adversely affect the performance of the internal chip of the sensor, so it is gradually replaced by laser welding. Semi-automatic welding is mainly to manually put the sensor base, diaphragm and pressure ring into the fixture, and weld and package the product with the cooperation of the laser system and the motion system. In the semi-automatic packaging method, the type and direction of the pressure ring and diaphragm can only be determined manually. It is prone to phenomena such as the wrong type of diaphragm and pressure ring, large deviation of the pressure ring and diaphragm direction.

Lianying laser sensor automatic laser welding line

The laser welding and packaging process of Lianying laser sensors is mainly realized through sensor laser welding equipment and automation solutions. The sensor automatic laser welding line independently developed by Lianying Laser realizes automatic feeding of pressure ring, automatic feeding of diaphragm, automatic feeding of base, automatic welding of products, automatic unloading and stacking of finished products and other functions. The entire welding and packaging process is automatically completed to realize the free and rapid conversion of various formulas. The system completes the fool-proof and error-proof function with little human intervention. Product feeding is batch feeding, automatic foolproof and error-proof, precise adjustment of welding position, collection of production data, and no omissions in production.

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