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Solutions and daily maintenance of common faults of CO2 laser marking machine

Views:0     Author:hu     Publish Time: 2021-09-14      Origin:dapeng

1. Reasons for failing to reach the expected marking depth:

  ①Whether the laser output power meets the requirements;

  ②Whether the optical path adjustment is accurate;

  ③ Whether the position and direction of the beam expander are adjusted accurately;

  ④ Whether the lens surface is polluted;

  ⑤Whether the surface of the workpiece is on the focal plane;

  ⑥Whether the 28V DC output voltage of the laser power supply drops, causing the laser output power to drop.

  ⑦ Whether the speed is too fast.

  2. Several main problems shown by D/A:

  ① There is no light signal (5V) on the 8th pin, resulting in no laser output from the laser;

  ②The analog signal output cannot accurately reflect the design content, that is, garbled characters appear;

  ③AD7237 does not work normally, and the displayed phenomenon is that the printed lines are broken lines.

  ④ There is no signal (0-10V) on pin 18, resulting in no laser output from the laser.

  3. Several main problems exhibited by the galvanometer scanning head:

  ①The standard square is printed as a trapezoid or diamond;

  ②The square frame is deformed in a pincushion or barrel shape.

   4. The solution to the distortion of the scanning head of the galvanometer:

  ①The occurrence of pincushion or barrel distortion is an inherent phenomenon of galvanometer marking, which is determined by the scanning method of galvanometer. The solution is to correct the distortion;

  ②There are two correction methods, one is hardware correction, which is rarely used at present. The other is software calibration, which is the one we use more at present;

  ③The method of hardware calibration is to change the voltage value of the analog signal output by the D/A card through a calibration card according to a certain rule, and then transmit the signal to the vibrating lens;

  ④The method of software correction is that the marking software itself has a correction function. In the marking process, the digital signal is first processed according to a certain method, and then the signal is transmitted to the D/A card.

  5. Laser printing lines become dotted lines: Solve several signal interference problems of laser marking machines

  ①Whether the signal line is connected well, and whether there is any false welding;

  ②Whether there is a problem with the connection line between the vibrating lens drive board and the motor;

  ③Whether the position of the D/A card is correct when inserted into the ISA slot;

  ④ Whether AD7237 works normally.

   6. The problem of beam expander adjustment:

  ①The adjustment requirements of the beam expander: the incident light should be at the center of the beam expander's entrance hole, and the exit light should be at the center of the light exit hole;

  ②The adjustment of the beam expander has a great influence on the laser marking effect.

   is mainly manifested in:

  A. The laser power drops;

  B. The laser intensity in the marking area is uneven;

  C. The computer software design center deviates from the physical center of the light output of the vibrating lens;

  D. The beam expansion effect cannot be achieved.

   7. Issues that need to be paid attention to when PROLASE software calls PLT files:

  ①Pay attention to the printer settings when converting dwg files to plt files;

  ②The size of the graphics after the call should be re-adjusted;

  ③ A fixed ratio should be used for zooming in and out, so as not to cause design graphics

  Daily maintenance and precautions:

  The machine should be placed in a well-ventilated, clean and bright place. In order to ensure good ventilation, the distance between the machine and the wall and other obstacles should be at least 0.6m.

   After the machine is positioned, it is necessary to adjust the anti-vibration feet according to the ground conditions, so that the equipment table is in smooth contact with the ground and is horizontal. The working conditions of the machine are as follows:

  Environmental conditions: working temperature: 10~30oC relative humidity: <70%

  Power supply conditions: single-phase two-wire, 220VAC, 10KVA

  Equipment installation should have a grounding point with a grounding resistance <4 to ensure the safety of the equipment.

   The processing site should be equipped with smoking and exhaust duct equipment to remove the smoke and exhaust gas generated during the work.

  Notes when maintaining this machine:

   1. When installing and changing the working place, pay attention to the phase sequence of the power supply to make the pump work normally.

  2. When the machine is not working, close the working compartment door to prevent dust from entering the laser.

   3. When the machine is working, the circuit is in a high-voltage state. Non-professionals should not inspect and repair it when it is turned on to avoid electric shock accidents.

  4. If the machine fails (such as water leakage, power pull, insurance burning, abnormal noise from the laser, etc.), immediately connect the emergency stop button to cut off the power.

  5. When working continuously, it must be connected with circulating water of suitable temperature.

   6. The internal circulating cooling water generally needs to be replaced every 3 to 6 months depending on the water quality.

  7. Drain the internal cooling water in winter or if the equipment is not used for a long time, and the water temperature must be above 0°C.

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