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Stainless Steel Wire Drawing Machine 1100550mm Work Table Size

Wire Drawing Machine/ manual belt stainless steel wire drawing machine
  • JZ-SJ001
  • jinzhu
  • JZ-SJ001
Product Description

 1. this mechanical efficiency is high, simplicity of operator

2. reasonable in price with suprior quality

3. perfect surface processing

4. mainly aims at factory and so on hardware electron, furniture, hot-water heat equipment, movement equipment,medical supplies, fishing equipment, revertex plane product wiredrawing processing.


main parameter:

name levigation triangle plane wiredrawing machine
electrical machinery power2.2kw 
length of the pipe1-2m
the work table size 1100*550mm
the emery tape size 4000*100mm
voltage 380v-50HZ
machine net weight 350kg
revolution direction counter clockwise

Triangular wire drawing machine is a machine that can be used for wire drawing processing of various metals, rubber sheets, wood boards and other flat surfaces. This equipment can be used to complete all flat materials that require drawing silk patterns on the surface of the workpiece. It has a wide range of applications, mainly used in the surface drawing treatment of panels in craft factories, VCD factories, and speaker factories. After the wire drawing process, the surface texture of the workpiece presents a clear straight hairline pattern, the surface of the workpiece is flat and smooth, the visual effect is good, the workpiece is aesthetically pleasing, and the workpiece is more high-end. Especially after wire drawing and then oxidation treatment, the added value of the product is greatly improved. Make products more competitive in the market.


1. Speed of abrasive belt: 1800r/min, worktable size: 1400*580mm, lifting height: 0-500mm

2. It is suitable for polishing, drawing, and sweeping of flat and curved surfaces of products in various industries (such as speaker panels, heat sinks, etc.) 4. Features: clear and obvious silk patterns, long straight silk, and snowflake silk.

When the triangular flat wire drawing machine works, it has low noise, high production efficiency, convenient operation and low cost.

1. The hand-pressed triangle flat wire drawing machine is suitable for all kinds of flat-shaped hardware and metal products or surface sand grinding with high requirements for surface drawing effect.

2. Using precision linear slide rails, the drawing surface is evenly stressed and the lines are clear.

3. The structure is simple, the machine is stable, easy to operate, and the work efficiency is high.

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