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Technical difficulties and application status of ultra-high power lasers

Views:0     Author:hu     Publish Time: 2021-09-04      Origin:dapeng

On October 11th, the "OFweek2019 (sixteenth) China Advanced Laser Technology Application Summit and the "Veken Cup" Annual Selection Award Ceremony" hosted by OFweek, organized by OFweek Laser, and co-organized by the Hi-Tech Association was held in Shenzhen. Shenzhen Chuangxin laser welding expert brought a speech titled "Technical Difficulties and Application Status of Ultra-high Power Lasers".

Chuangxin welding experts start from the key points of the domestic popularity of ultra-high power lasers, explore the necessity of their quality improvement, and summarize the technical difficulties and application status of ultra-high power lasers by analyzing the characteristics of market development trends. Early foreign fiber lasers accounted for the vast majority of the Chinese laser market. Among them, the main reason for the dependence of fiber laser core components on imports is that it has seriously hindered the progress of the localization of medium and high power fiber lasers. With the progress of domestic technology and the continuous development of the market, my country has become the largest consumer market for fiber lasers by 2018, with an overall scale of 8.2 billion yuan, accounting for about 45% of the global market.

In recent years, domestic fiber laser manufacturers have successively launched 10,000-watt fiber lasers. After market testing, the performance and stability of domestic ultra-high power lasers have been continuously enhanced, and the attitudes of major equipment manufacturers toward domestic lasers have also shifted from trial to mass application. Technical solutions and core components determine the development of ultra-high-power fiber lasers. Domestic fiber laser giants have also invested heavily in this, respectively developing their own core devices and applying them to the production of ultra-high-power fiber lasers, such as ultra-high-power fiber lasers. Power laser beam combiner and laser output head.

In terms of key technologies, Chuangxin welding experts analyzed in detail the technical status and trends of domestic ultra-high power fiber lasers. The overall technical solution is divided into a multi-module synthesis solution and a single-fiber amplification output solution. Among them, the multi-module synthesis scheme consists of active coherent synthesis and all-fiber passive bundle combination; the same-band pumping technology, multi-core fiber synthesis technology, and GT-Wave technology form a single-fiber amplification output scheme. Chuangxin welding expert said: “In terms of the choice of technical solutions for industrial lasers, the all-fiber passive synthesis technology is relatively mature, the core technology of each sub-item is relatively low, the modular design is strong, the whole system is stable, and it is easy to Engineering."

In terms of core components, high-performance multi-core fibers are indispensable in balancing power and beam quality requirements, simplifying structural design, facilitating production and promotion, and optimizing the use of multi-core fiber systems; integrated side-melting gain & pump coupling fibers add pumps The number of fiber optics controls the fiber diameter, optimizes the ratio of active and pump fibers to improve absorption efficiency, simplifies design, improves manufacturing process, and reduces costs.

Afterwards, Chuangxin welding experts introduced the core breakthroughs and achievements of Chuangxin Laser in ultra-high power lasers. A series of breakthroughs in core technologies such as high-performance semiconductor pump source, high-power beam combining technology, spot shape adjustable technology, ultra-high-power laser output head, modular structure design, etc., have achieved 10,000-watt ultra-high-power laser for Chuangxin Laser Provide technical guarantee. The 10,000-watt ultra-high power series laser product family has also reached a diverse and rich level of 10,000 to 35,000 watts: multiple single-module laser units are modularized, and single-module units can be easily replaced on the customer site; all optical modules, electrical modules, The control unit and drive unit can be directly replaced, upgraded and maintained at the client.

The development of ultra-high power fiber lasers has improved the efficiency and effect of bright surface cutting and thick plate cutting, promoted the development and expansion of shipbuilding, large-scale mechanical processing, large-scale frame manufacturing and other fields that require thick plates to be processed, greatly accelerating the domestic ultra-thickness Advances in technology such as sheet metal cutting, laser hybrid welding, and automatic welding. With the continuous advancement of the intelligent manufacturing process, ultra-high power lasers are expected to usher in more room for development in the future.

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