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The future and main application scenarios of co2 laser marking machine, an important member of laser marking machine

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The Co2 laser marking machine uses a carbon dioxide (CO2) laser. It was invented by C. Kumar N. Patel in Bell Laboratories in 1964. It can also be called a glass laser tube. The CO2 laser marking machine has a continuous output power. A higher type of laser product, widely used in the cutting of non-metallic materials, used in leather, stone, jade, textile, medical, material processing, industrial manufacturing and other fields, especially in industries such as marking logo and coding. Applications.

CO2 laser marking machine 1co2 laser marking machine

The current industrial CO2 laser has a wavelength of 10.64μm, and its output is infrared light. Its electro-optical conversion efficiency can generally reach 15% to 25%. Due to the current laser processing and the birth of fiber laser marking machine, it has a good performance in the field of metal marking, which has caused people to mislead the co2 laser marking machine. In fact, this idea is wrong. As the most mature, stable and reliable light source type, CO2 laser marking machine is also very mature in process development. Even today, many applications of CO2 laser are still seen in Europe and the United States.

Co2 laser marking machine's performance on metal material processing

In terms of metal material processing, the high power of the CO2 laser marking machine can be said to dominate the world. At an exhibition in 2012, the performance of the 4KW co2 laser cutting machine shocked the industry. It can cut metal sheets 20MM. Although most of the current cutting is replaced by fiber technology, some large factories such as Han's, Huagong, and Shenhui Laser can also provide CO2 laser equipment for customers to choose from.

CO2 Laser Marking

Co2 laser marking machine on the processing of fabrics

In metal processing, CO2 lasers face the challenges of fiber lasers and semiconductor lasers. Therefore, the application of CO2 lasers in the future is likely to be the application of non-metallic materials. It covers many fields, such as glass, ceramics, cloth, leather, wood, plastics, polymers, etc.

The outstanding performance in this regard is Shenhui Laser located in Liaocheng, Shandong. The company is a company specializing in laser marking equipment. It has launched a series of super CO2 laser marking machines for marking and engraving wood products, leather goods and fabrics. And the craftsmanship such as hollowing, which is unique is the realization of advanced crafts such as washing and carving on denim fabrics. In addition, Guangzhou's Hanma Laser has long been engaged in CO2 laser cutting cloth and wood carving equipment. Similar companies include Dongguan's Han's Yueming and Leiyu Laser. Dr. Guang has launched a wood board laser cutting machine many years ago. The company also mainly deals in dozens of small and medium-power CO2 laser cutting and marking equipment. It can be seen that the market demand is still very large.

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