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The main functions and advantages of laser marking machine

Views:0     Author:hu     Publish Time: 2021-09-01      Origin:dapeng

The main function of laser marking machine is to print various logos on various products, including trademark, model, production date, serial number, etc. Any pattern and text can be printed. For example, the characters on the keys of a mobile phone, the characters on the keys of a computer keyboard, various crafts, souvenirs, etc.

  The advantages of laser marking machine:

  1, non-contact processing. Laser marking is to form a trace on the product by converging a high-energy laser beam into a small bright spot. The computer-controlled servo system makes this bright spot move on the object to be processed according to the pre-arranged graphic data, thus forming Got the desired pattern. The so-called non-contact processing means that no force is applied to the items to be processed during the processing. This is especially suitable for precision parts and crafts with high external requirements, and will not be deformed by force.

  2. The imprint of laser marking is to penetrate the inside of the material, which is permanent and not easy to wear. Unlike silk screen, it is easy to be wiped off or naturally worn.

  3. The laser spot can be concentrated to a very fine point, coupled with computer servo control, it can be very precise, so the pattern of laser marking is very fine, marking on micro parts is much better than other methods.

  4. Laser marking is suitable for a wide range of materials, and it can be used on almost all materials.

  Laser marking is widely used in the following industries:

  1) Automobile machinery industry: bearings, steel sleeves, piston rings, engines, machine tools, etc.;

  2) Electronic communication industry: keyboards, electronic components, home appliance panels, optical cables, cables, etc.;

  3) Hardware equipment industry: tools, measuring tools, cutting tools, sanitary ware, tableware, locks, knives and scissors, medical equipment, fitness equipment, stainless steel products, etc.;

4) Decorative buckle label industry: buttons, luggage buckles, belt buckles, gold and silver jewelry, signs, badges, time cards, business cards, calendars, photos, leather bags, belts, pens and pencil cases, awards, trophies, etc. Certificates, collectors, artworks, stamps, plaques, etc.;

  5) Instrument and glasses industry: metal watch cases, watch bottoms, glasses frames, instrument panels, etc.;

  6) Wood craft industry: wooden crafts, calligraphy and painting reproduction and table decoration, furniture craft decoration, etc.;

  7) Packaging bottle cap industry: inner and outer packaging of tobacco, food, medicine, cosmetics, etc., metal bottle caps, cans, etc.

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