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Use and maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine

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Use and maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine

The fiber laser cutting machine is a high-tech large-scale machine in the classification of machinery. The price of this machine is very high when it is purchased, and the professional level of the technicians is also very high in the process of use, so we are using machinery During the process, the machine must be processed and maintained frequently, so as to extend the service life of the machine. Today we will talk about the use and maintenance skills of this machine.

First, keep the steel belt tensioned at all times

The steel belt plays a very important role in the operation of the laser cutting machine, and the material of this steel belt belongs to steel. If the steel is not tightened during use, it is easy to cause the cut items to be thrown away. The steel belt may even slip off the track, which poses a great threat to the safety of the staff. Therefore, no matter when and where, the steel belt must be kept in a tight state, so as to prevent the construction work. The safety of personnel plays a certain protective role.

Second, check the angle of the tool frequently

Because among the parts of the entire fiber laser cutting machine, the most important part is the cutting machine. If the angle of the cutting machine has a certain deviation, it will easily lead to the final accuracy of the cut article being not so accurate during the cutting process. .

Third, often sweep the dust inside the machine

Since the laser cutting machine will directly vaporize the metal surface when cutting, a lot of dust will often be generated on the surface and inside of the cutting machine. We should often use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the dust, so as to ensure the zero inside the machine. The parts are spotless, so that the normal operation of the parts can be ensured.

Fourth, parts and components should be treated with lubricating oil frequently

We need to lubricate the racks, rails and many parts of the cutting machine from time to time, so that they can ensure that the gears are very accurate during operation. In this way, the operation of the machine will be in the normal running track, and the precision of the cut products will be higher.

In addition to the daily maintenance of the fiber laser cutting machine, we must strictly inspect the parts when we purchase the machine, so that the root cause of the mechanical damage can be eliminated. At the same time, if any parts are found to be damaged during the use of the machine, they must be replaced in time. This will protect the machine itself and ensure the ideal cutting effect of the laser cutting machine. Only after the above two points are achieved, can the service life of this cutting machine be extended.

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