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What is a laser chiller and what is the function of the laser chiller?

Views: 0     Author: hu     Publish Time: 2021-04-17      Origin: dapeng

The laser chiller is a kind of water cooling equipment, which is mainly used for cooling by cooling water tank circulation. It has the functions of constant temperature, constant pressure and constant current. It is also called: laser cooling water tank, chiller, constant temperature cooler, and water cooling in the market. Machine...The laser chiller, as the name implies, uses the cooling capacity of the compressor to freeze the pure water in the water tank, and then brings the cooling water to the cavity of the laser machine to cool the heating module of the laser machine, the laser cavity and the Q head, especially The temperature of the Q head is very high when it is working. If there is no water or a chiller, the Q head may burn out if it works for 3 seconds.


The laser chiller is also equipped with a water filter, which can filter impurities in the circulating water, prevent the pipeline from being dirty and blocked, and make the laser equipment safer. The laser machine adopts Hitachi imported compressor, high-efficiency and stable cooling effect, coupled with a special control panel, can make the control accuracy reach ±0.1℃, the control accuracy is small, the laser machine is affected by the temperature less, and the work The more stable the efficiency, the more refined and perfect products produced and processed! The laser chiller has a flow protection capability. When the water flow is less than the set value, the compressor will automatically stop working to ensure safer use of the laser equipment.

The laser chiller mainly cools the laser generator of the laser equipment by water circulation, and controls the temperature of the laser generator, so that the laser generator can maintain normal operation for a long time. During the long-term operation of the laser equipment, the laser generator will continuously generate high temperature. If the temperature is too high, it will affect the normal operation of the laser generator. Therefore, the laser chiller is required for water circulation cooling and temperature control.

According to the type of laser generator, the chiller classification method, the laser chiller is divided into carbon dioxide glass laser tube laser chiller, carbon dioxide metal radio frequency tube laser chiller, semiconductor side pump laser chiller, semiconductor end pump laser chiller, YAG laser Water chiller, fiber laser chiller, ultraviolet laser chiller.

It can be said that the use of the laser chiller can not only make the laser machine work safely and normally, but also ensure the safe use and service life of the laser machine, and more importantly, make the working efficiency and working precision of the laser machine reach the best condition. , To create greater benefits for the enterprise!

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