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MAX Laser's new X-series quasi-continuous laser (QCW) officially launched

Views:0     Author:hu     Publish Time: 2021-08-23      Origin:dapeng

Quasi-continuous lasers (hereinafter referred to as "QCW") can work in continuous and pulsed modes at the same time. A single laser can handle the processing tasks that previously required two different lasers to complete, meeting the needs of more applications. Chuangxin Laser has launched the complete QCW laser many years ago, and is continuously optimizing and upgrading. The new X-series QCW (MFSQ 75/750X, MFSQ150/1500X) has also passed relevant tests and is officially on the market!

The X series quasi-continuous laser launched this time has various compatibility and control modes, flexible and adjustable pulse width waveform, fast heat dissipation, electro-optical conversion rate> 30%, and can be widely used in 3C material cutting, power battery pole piece welding, mobile phone antenna Welding, cutting and drilling of ceramic brittle materials, fine welding.

1-Modular structure, smaller volume

The volume of the X series QCW is reduced by 29% and the weight by 35% compared with the conventional whole machine, which is more convenient for customers to integrate and facilitate the development of standardized and customized products.

2-High conversion efficiency, lower energy consumption

Using 48V DC power supply, it is convenient for customers to configure their own power supply, the electro-optical conversion efficiency is higher, and the energy consumption is lower.

3- Small core diameter, high beam quality

Standard 14/20/50μm multiple core diameter options to meet the needs of more customers in different application scenarios

Core diameter selection guide:

Small core diameter (14μm): small core diameter, smaller divergence angle NA, which is conducive to multi-station processing applications, high coupling efficiency; better beam quality, high laser energy density, suitable for precision cutting applications;

Coarse core diameter (50/100μm): The energy distribution of the light spot is even, which is suitable for direct application in welding, and the solder joints are uniform and flat, and the shape is good.

4- Multiple modes to meet different scenarios

There are two modes of pulse and continuous for users to choose, which can be adapted to various applications.

5- Brand new control software, simple and easy to operate

X series modular QCW is equipped with brand new control software, the interface is simple and beautiful, easy to use; it has multiple functions of monitoring, laser control, waveform editing, and laser parameter configuration.

6-Reliable quality, through rigorous product testing

Products undergo a variety of tests before they are shipped

(1) Scheme reliability test: more than 10 tests such as high and low temperature cycle power-on experiment, high-temperature and high-humidity power-up limit work test.

(2) Product shipment test: Each product shipment has to go through dozens of quality tests, several process application tests, and 72-hour extreme aging test.






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