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Welding effect of handheld laser welding machine

Views:0     Author:hu     Publish Time: 2021-08-26      Origin:dapeng

Hand-held fiber laser welding machine has become very popular recently, because it not only has all the original advantages of laser welding machine, but also has many advantages such as long-distance operation, flexibility and convenience. However, as for all mechanical consumer tools, there are always some potential safety risks. For example, its core component-the laser, may cause damage to the human eye, so we must take measures for the laser to ensure safe production.

welding (2)

1500W handheld fiber laser welding machine

      1. Educate and train the staff who operate the hand-held fiber laser welding machine, so that they (she) understand the potential risks that may arise when operating this level of laser, and stop appropriate laser safety exercises for them (she), and Emergency measures when risks are present. Since laser damage to eyes is irreversible, training and education to understand and control the safe use of lasers is necessary.

      2. The management and use of lasers must be stopped by professional (professional) personnel, and those who have not been trained and educated are not allowed to open and use laser machines without authorization. For example, an interlocking key switch is installed on the trigger system on the laser to ensure that only the key is used to turn on the interlock switch to trigger the start, and the key cannot be started after the key is pulled out. Regarding the room where the laser is placed, there should be bright light. In a bright light environment, the pupils of the eyes are reduced to prevent the laser beam from entering the eyes to reduce the amount of light transmitted to the retina. Regarding the height of the laser, the path of the laser beam should avoid the horizontal position of the eyes of a normal person when standing or sitting, and the visual axis should not be parallel to the light outlet.

      3. Do not aim the laser beam at the human body without any reason for the laser welding head of the laser, especially the eyes. Because it is extremely difficult to recover from laser damage to eyes, they are all permanent damages, and each person only needs one pair of eyes in his life. You must always keep in mind that before starting the laser, you must advise the personnel on the scene of the possible hazards, and Wear safety glasses. Post risk signs at obvious locations outside and outside the work area with strong lasers, as well as on the doors of laser operating rooms and laboratories.

      4. Strict protective measures shall be taken when debugging the optical system of the laser to ensure that people's eyes are not reflected by the original laser beam and the mirror reflection beam. That is, the visual axis is not coaxial with the original beam and the mirror reflected beam.


5. Use optical instruments to observe the laser beam, such as binoculars, microscopes, telescopes, etc., to observe the laser beam, the possibility of laser damage to the eyes increases greatly. When using such optical instruments, strict safety calculations must be carried out, and optical filters and appropriate interlocking protective equipment must be added to ensure that the amount of reflection on the human eye is lower than the safety standard value of the laser.

       6. Choose maintenance glasses with suitable optical density to enhance eye protection.

       7. Post warning signs on the conspicuous positions of the laser equipment, laser casing and operation panel, and adopt the signs of "risk" or "attention" according to the degree of detailed damage of the laser, and it is better to be eye-catching.

       The handheld fiber laser welding machine is the product of the development of science and technology, and it accommodates the wisdom of scientists. We only pay attention to the safety management measures of the laser, so that it can better serve the people and produce more and better products in the business.

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