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200W Suitcase Portable Air Cooling Laser Cleaning Machine removal laser machine

HL200-RMP2 is a 200W hand-held nanosecond pulse optical fiber laser cleaning system. The equipment is designed as an aviation box, giving consideration to both protection and portability. Start the power supply, open the front compartment door, take out the laser head, and select the appropriate cleaning mode to achieve cleaning. The laser head is small and light, and its weight is less than 0.5kg. It can be widely used in various hand-held cleaning scenes, or it can be linked with manipulator and other equipment through a fast switching device. The laser beam quality of this equipment is high, which can easily meet the needs of various high-precision cleaning.
  • HL200-RMP2


200W Suitcase Portable Air Cooling Laser Cleaning Machine removal laser machine

laser paint removal

Product Introduction:

HL200-RMP2 suitcase portable Laser cleaning machine is the latest and most cutting-edge surface precision cleaning technology on the market.

The high energy efficiency and instant high temperature of the laser are used to produce an explosion-like effect on the surface of the product, and the impurities and materials that need to be removed from the surface are stripped and evaporated to obtain a satisfactory high-quality surface treatment effect.

Compared with traditional industrial cleaning methods, laser cleaning has the characteristics of environmental protection, high efficiency, small footprint, high flexibility, and easy operation, and is accepted by more and more customers.


60KG Easy to carry, transport to customer on-site demonstration ;

Non-contact cleaning,no internal stress and deformation;

Lightweight design, high integration, safe operation ;

No need chemical detergent, no consumable ;

Convenient mobile system for 22-inch luggage ;

Universal single phase 220V power supply ,plug and use ;

2D air cooling cleaning head with safety button;

Built-in air cooling system with 6 different laser cleaning models;

Unique external fuse design makes operation more safe and easy to replace.

Applicable materials and industries

1.Rust removing from metal parts ;

2.Weld bead cleaning for stainless steel ,copper ,Aluminium,carbon steel ;

3.Cultural Relics,Sculptures restoration ;

4.Graffiti ,paint removing from heritage building and Stone statue;

5.Wooden antique furniture clean after smoke damage.

Specifications(For reference only):

Laser Power


Laser wavelength


Pulse width(ns)


Pulse repetition frequency(KHZ)


Max Single Pulse Energy(MJ)


Working Humidity


Power Supply

1PH / 220V±10% / 50-60HZ / 10A

Power Consumption


Cooling Way

Air cooling

Laser Type  

Pulse Fiber laser

Length of fiber cable(m)


Working Humidity


Working Temperature


Lase Beam Width

Standard 100mm

Laser beam types

6 different types

Cleaning head safety button


Weight of cleaning head

<1 kg

LED light on head

Yes / 2 pieces

Machine Size

523 x 411 x 685 mm

Size with Plywood box

980 x 670 x 640 mm

Net / Gross Weight

60KG / 80KG

Express chargeable weight


Emergency Button


Work indicator

Three colors display Lamp

Operation interface language


Moving Wheels

4 pieces wheels

Shockproof foot pad

4 pieces rubber foot pad

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Dapeng laser specializing in R&D, manufacturing laser marking, cutting and welding machines, we also provides Laser sources and spare parts to the laser machine manufacturers in China and surrounding countries.

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