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Automatic laser welding machine advantages

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The laser beam is guided by planar optical elements (e.g. mirrors), followed by a reflective focusing elements or lenses projecting a light beam on the weld. Laser welding is a non-contact welding operation process without pressure, but the need to use an inert gas to prevent oxidation of the bath, with occasional use of a filler metal. MIG welding and laser welding can be composed of laser MIG hybrid welding, to achieve large penetration welding, and heat input than MIG welding greatly reduced.

(1) Can minimize the heat requirement, the heat affected zone microstructure changes in a small range, and the deformation caused by heat conduction is also the lowest.

(2) Without the use of electrodes, no electrode contamination or damage concerns. And because it does not belong to the contact welding process, equipment wear and tear and deformation can be connected to a minimum.

(3) Ease of focusing a laser beam, and the alignment is guided by the optical instrument can be placed in the proper distance from the workpiece, and the workpiece can be guided between the surrounding equipment or disorders due to other welding rule subject to the above limitations of space and can not play.

(4) The workpiece can be placed in an enclosed space (vacuum or by internal gas environment under control).

(5) The laser beam can be focused in a small area, can be welded and spaced a small part similar.

(6) The type of material weldability range, can be engaged with each other all kinds of heterogeneous materials.

(7) Easy to automate for high-speed welding, it can also be digital or computer-controlled.

(8) When welding thin sheets or small diameter wires, unlike arc welding generally tend to have a melt back problems.

(9) Not affected by magnetic fields (electric arc welding and electron beam welding is easy), can accurately align the weldment.

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Dapeng laser specializing in R&D, manufacturing laser marking, cutting and welding machines, we also provides Laser sources and spare parts to the laser machine manufacturers in China and surrounding countries.

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