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CCD Camera

CCD Camera
  • DPH-CCD Camera


The CCD monitor is one of the most important accessories for digital microscopes. It mainly captures and transmits the microscopic images to a computer. It can output the images observed on the microscope to a computer, and compare and analyze these microscopic images. CCD, English full name: Charge-coupled Device, Chinese full name: charge coupled components, can be called CCD image sensor. A CCD is a semiconductor device that converts optical images into digital signals. The tiny photosensitive material implanted on the CCD is called a pixel (Pixel). The more pixels a CCD contains, the higher the resolution of the screen it provides. The CCD acts like a film, but it converts image pixels into digital signals. The CCD has a number of neatly arranged capacitors that sense light and convert the image into a digital signal. Through the control of the external circuit, each small capacitor can transfer its charge to its adjacent capacitor. As a light number conversion element, ccd has been widely used in various fields. Microscope CCD, also known as microscope imaging system, microscope camera.

The inspection microscope produces an erect three-dimensional image when viewing an object. The stereoscopic effect is strong, the image is clear and wide, and it has a long working distance, and is a conventional microscope with a wide range of applications. It is easy to operate, intuitive, and has high verification efficiency. It is suitable for the verification of electronic, hardware, computer and other products. It enlarges the image of the object and displays it on the screen of the computer.

(1) The physical image can be observed directly on the screen.
(2) The magnification range of the objective lens: 0.7--4.5X.
(3) photographic eyepiece magnifying glass: 0.5X.
(4) Moving working distance: 200mm
(5) Table size: 390×160 (mm)
(6) Total magnification: 7-450X

(1) Excellent CCD real-time image speed is easy to focus
(2) Excellent image quality and high definition
(3) perfect color reproduction
(4) Mingmei microscopic measurement analysis software, simple operation, powerful
(5) convenient and quick installation
(6) Excellent price performance ratio

Common problem
(1) How do CCDs have oblique stripes when receiving laser spots?
A: First look at whether your lens is clean or whether the CCD imaging surface is clean. From the image, either your lens is too dirty or the CCD imaging surface is too dirty. Wipe clean with a mixture of alcohol & ether. If the stripe excludes the dirty lens, it should be caused by circuit interference.
(2) What is the ccd for the laser welding machine that is not clear enough?
A: Generally, this situation is that the focal length and brightness are not adjusted.

Functional description of each part of the lens:
Focus ring: When the image is blurred, adjust the position of the "focus ring" to make the image clear; Aperture ring: the aperture to the left becomes larger, and the aperture to the right becomes smaller. Normally, adjust the aperture to its maximum value. When the image is too bright, you can turn the aperture smaller; multiple rings: the left zoom magnification becomes smaller, and the right zoom magnification becomes larger. The magnification of this lens is adjustable. When using an 8-inch LCD screen, the magnification can be adjusted to about 33 times, which can be used in most cases.
Lens retaining ring: The overall fixing of the CCD and the lens is to cover the "lens fixing ring" through the sleeve on the device, and then fix it with 1 or 2 bolts against the "lens fixing ring". When fixed, the crosshair adjustment knob must face the user.
How to adjust the magnification of the image: The adjustment of the image magnification should be coordinated with the "multiple loop" and the "focus ring" to complete. When the multiple loop is adjusted to the left with the focus ring, the image becomes smaller, and when it is adjusted to the right, the image magnification becomes larger. After adjusting the "multiple loop", the image will be blurred, and you need to adjust the "focus ring" to make it clear.

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