Dapeng laser specializing in R&D, manufacturing fiber laser marking machine, industrial laser welding machines and laser sheet cutting machine, we also provides Laser sources and spare parts to the laser machine manufacturers in China and surrounding countries.



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End/Side Diod Pump Marking Series



The light conversion efficiency is high, the output laser spot is small, the beam quality is good, and (M<1.2) the output laser has high stability, the marking effect is easier to debug, the marking line is thinner, and the utility model is more suitable for the marking of some finer picture and text. The utility model has the advantages of stable performance, air cooling, water tank avoidance, small size and low power consumption.LD in the continuous mode of life of up to tens of thousands of hours, pulse number can be up to 10 times in under pulsed conditions compared with the flash working conditions of life were only 10 times and 2000 hours of continuous and pulse at.The instability of a LD pumped solid state laser can generally be below one percent. There is a lot of noise and instability in the output power of the flash lamp, which leads to the instability of the output power.


The product uses the imported semiconductor element end pumped, is based on the latest generation of laser technology as the core, the original number of proprietary technology, which uses the new technology of cavity, the thermal lens effect is reduced, to ensure that the fundamental mode laser output, and increase the stability of the light output of the laser has good beam quality, peak high power, reliable performance, compact structure, convenient adjustment, low cost, simple operation and maintenance, especially suitable for laser micro processing, laser marking, laser cutting and other industrial manufacturing field.


Digital products and components, precision machinery, jewelry, sanitary ware, measuring and cutting tools, watches, glasses, plastic buttons, IC chip, electrical appliances, electronic components, hardware accessories, hardware tools, mobile communication components, auto parts, plastic products, medical equipment, construction materials, pipes and other high precision product identification.


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Dapeng laser specializing in R&D, manufacturing laser marking, cutting and welding machines, we also provides Laser sources and spare parts to the laser machine manufacturers in China and surrounding countries.

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