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Five-axis linkage CNC machine tool equipment polishing machine

This equipment is a kind of five-axis linkage CNC polishing equipment.
이 설비는 다섯 축이 연동하는 수치제어 연마설비이다.
CNC control system, programm according to the outline of the product;
CNC 제어시스템은 제품의 륜곽에 따라 프로그래밍을 진행한다.
After the product is recycled, the polishing effect meets the standard
제품은 순환 가공을 거친 후, 광택의 효과가 표준 요구에 도달하였다.
  • Five-axis linkage CNC

Application field:

Mainly used in mobile phone middle frame, back cover, battery cover, tablet computer and various 3C electronic products and related accessories.

Five-axis linkage CNC machine tool equipment 2

Scope of application:

Surface treatment for plastics, aluminum alloys, stainless steel, ceramics, glass, titanium alloys and other hard/brittle materials.


Using the CNC five-axis linkage principle, it is equipped with 4 sets of grinding discs on four sides and a total of 20 grinding heads. Through UG programming, the 3D surface/side/plane of 5 products can be polished in one-stop for rough/medium/fine/fine one-stop grinding.

The stacking and polishing type workbench has 4 sets of stations, each station can stack 9 to 10 products, and grind 36 to 40 product sides at one time, with higher quality stability and higher efficiency.

working principle:

The conventional workpiece is adsorbed on the fixture by vacuum, the abrasive is fixed on the magic head with Velcro, and the 5-axis is programmed to drive the product to perform profiling and grinding;

According to the process requirements, choose water spray or spray grinding liquid, intelligently control the spray time and spray volume, ensure the stable product quality and effectively improve the yield.

main components:

A /C /X /Y /Z spindle; grinding disc power system; automatic grinding liquid and water spray system; vacuum components;

Automatic oiler; electronic control system; vacuum suction components; fully enclosed protective cover.

Functional Overview:

The whole machine adopts CNC control system, five-axis linkage motion profiling.

High-precision and high-power servo motor drive; high-precision interpolation, high-speed response.

Drive the product to make a profiling movement according to its own contour.

Consumables are used to polish and polish the product.

After the product is processed in a cycle, the polishing effect of the product can meet the standard requirements.

Five-axis linkage CNC machine tool equipment

Industry comparative advantage:

High efficiency: The washboard machine/round head machine completes 5 similar products at one time, which is 5 times that of the manipulator.

The stacking polishing machine can complete 36~40 pieces of side grinding of similar products at one time, which is more efficient.

Equipment guarantee: axis bidirectional positioning accuracy ± 0.025mm, equipment feed accuracy ± 0.01mm.

Quality assurance: UG programming, 3D profiling processing, less grinding and removal, stable processing, and the product does not collapse corners.

Low labor cost: one person can start 2 to 3 units.

Safety and environmental protection: Wet fully sealed processing, no dust explosion hazard.

After-sales service: a strong technical team cultivates professionals in grinding technology and technology, equipment maintenance and maintenance for customers

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