Dapeng laser specializing in R&D, manufacturing fiber laser marking machine, industrial laser welding machines and laser sheet cutting machine, we also provides Laser sources and spare parts to the laser machine manufacturers in China and surrounding countries.

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Laser marking on assembly line

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Model features:

* Excellent beam quality;

* Maintenance-free operation, non-contact processing, high processing efficiency, computer control, easy to realize automation;

* Good stability, high pulse frequency, uniform engraving lines, fine patterns, and strong engraving depth ability.

Application areas:

Widely used in integrated circuit chips, computer accessories, industrial bearings, clocks, electronic and communication products, aerospace devices, home appliances, hardware tools, molds, wires and cables, food packaging, jewelry, tobacco and military applications and other fields of graphics and text mark.

深圳大鹏激光前台CO2 Laser Marking (2)Itemex in customer booth 2018 India

Founded in 2006, Dapeng Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech laser equipment enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. It is committed to laser process R&D, laser equipment design R&D, production, technical support, service and consulting.

       Main products include: laser cutting machines, laser welding machines, laser marking machines, industry-specific and automated laser equipment, etc., which are used in electronics, IC chips, electrical appliances, lighting, jewelry, hardware tools, sanitary ware, instruments and meters , Automobile and motorcycle accessories, mobile phone communication parts, molds, precision machinery, medical equipment, IT digital, metal shells, military aviation parts, clothing leather, craft gifts, advertising decoration, models, cookware, tableware, kitchen utensils and other industries.

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Dapeng laser specializing in R&D, manufacturing laser marking, cutting and welding machines, we also provides Laser sources and spare parts to the laser machine manufacturers in China and surrounding countries.

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