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Operating procedures and precautions laser cutting machine

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Simple laser cutting machine operation, the use of laser cutting job, we produce to bring a lot of convenient place. But nevertheless, in the operation of the laser cutting machine at the right time is also the need for strict compliance with the operating procedures of laser cutting machine. Because once operational errors, the production will bring many surprises, it will form a lot of unnecessary losses. Then the sea radium laser cutting machine operating procedures and rules are what it?

Laser cutting machine operating procedures:

1. open the power supply switch, the output voltage of the switching regulator to form.

2. Turn the machine power switch.

3. Turn the machine power control.

4. After the end of the self-test systems.

5. launch chiller to check the water temperature, water pressure. The chiller power for 3 minutes, the compressor starts, the fan scroll, the beginning of Cooling.

6. open the nitrogen bottle, oxygen bottle to check the cylinder pressure, the engine air compressor, cold and dry.

7. chiller to be lower then set temperature (set at 21 degrees), then open the total laser power, open the low pressure.

8. When the laser panel showing the words "HV READY" when the high pressure.

9. When the laser operation panel showing the words "HV START", the laser light is red, the upper right corner of CNC system previously displayed "LASER H-VOLTAGE NOT READY" but not alarm, indicating that the high pressure is normal, the laser enters standby working condition.

10. Before cutting acknowledged data varieties, thickness data, the data size.

11. Adjust the plate to the marginal machine X and Y axes parallel and to prevent the cut sheet size at the beginning of outside job.

12. The Z-axis is moved to the cutting start from imitation to perform procedures to ensure that will not appear to exceed the soft limit alerts, go to the Edit method, according to the data types and thickness of conditioning power, speed, punching time.

13. To cut carbon steel plate, the selection of oxygen in the manual method, conditioning barometer to cut the desired pressure value. And then view the focal point position to fulfill coaxial viewing program, ensure that the laser beam passes through the nozzle base, Z-axis servo to the plate appearance, adjust the nozzle to determine the distance from the plate surface (conditioning control box potentiometer).

14. to be above the normal ability to perform the switching condition, the workpiece cut.

15. The process of rendering cut dross, slag or other abnormal conditions return, they should immediately be suspended, to identify the reason, to solve the question then continued to cut, to avoid damage to the device.

Laser cutting machine Note:

1. Check every six months straightness laser cutting machine track straightness and machinery, found abnormal timely protection debugging. Did not do this, there is probably not cut out for the role of what is good, the error will increase, affecting the cut quality. This is the most important, it is necessary to do.

2. The laser cutting machine guide rails should always finishing, remove dust and other debris to ensure proper rack to always scrub, add lubricating oil to ensure smooth and no debris. To organize and guide often smooth oil, as well as the motor that is also often collate and smooth oil, the machine will be able to travel in a very good place to go, a more accurate cut, cut out of the quality of products on It will progress.

3. laser cutting machine steel, must ensure taut, otherwise you run out of questions, there might have hurt people, can lead to severe injury or death. Strip seemingly small things, a question still is a bit grim.

4. once a week with a vacuum cleaner siphoning laser cutting machine dust and dirt inside the machine, all the electrical cabinet should be tightly closed and dust.

Laser cutting machine to our production brings many convenient places, together will have a convenient place. As long as we strictly comply with the operating procedures of laser cutting machine, not only to make our production to achieve a multiplier effect, in personal safety is also greatly improved.

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