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The best welding effect - 'FISH-SCALE'---swing welding

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The best welding effect - 'FISH-SCALE'

'Fish-scale' is a technique of welding, known as its cataphracted weld joint. It's regarded as the best welding technique of the world.

It's a TIG welding method that through swing of wrist make welding nozzle rolling as the scalloped shape during welding process, it's also known as 'swing welding'.

1. Make fish scales weld easier

Friends who understand the welding industry know that fish scale welding can be said to be the top technology in the welding field. Only skilled high -level welders can weld into fish scale effects, which are both firm and beautiful. However, the traditional welding method requires the welder to manually swing the welding wire to achieve the effect of fish scales. It is very difficult. Therefore, the welders who can welded fish scale effects are generally higher salary.

图片 图片

Fish scale welding vs chicken feces welding effect comparison chart

Compared with traditional welding, laser handheld welding has higher energy efficiency, better welding effect, higher work efficiency, better work flexibility, and less labor costs, so that "welding novice welded with beautiful fish scales" It is possible to reduce the cost of artificial training, so laser handheld welding has quickly been recognized by the market since its inception.

And let the welding novice welded with a beautiful fish scales, the welding scheme of the pupae fish scales was indispensable. The Linlin Platform fish scales welding scheme is to control the dual -axis swinging motor through the software, so that the fish scale welding effect can set different lengths and width according to the welding object, and replace the first -generation product of the first generation of products with a surface welding. welding. In addition, the welding scheme of the puppet pupil scales can be uniform to ensure that the welding is more stable.

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In addition, the Linglin Pisperfish scales make the fish scales welding easier. After simple training, any general worker can use the Lilin Pisperfish scales to weld the fish scales effect, helping customers significantly reduce labor costs.

2. Linglin Double Surgery BWT21 Double Silk Process

Complete 12mm Welding light spots

Although the laser handheld welding has many advantages, the laser welding light spots have been maintained within 5㎜, and it has not made a breakthrough for several years, which limits the development of laser handheld welding towards a wider application field.

In order to solve this problem, the Laser Laser launched the BWT21 dual -wire technology of the Di Lin. This set of processes can achieve double 2.0 welding wire output, can achieve the welding effect of 12mm large light spots, and solve the problem of weld welds when laser welding thick plates in the industry.

In the past, hand -held laser welding shredded wires were usually within 2mm, which would cause the welding effect to not be plump enough to meet the needs of large workpieces and thick plate welding customers. The 12mm large light spot solves this problem, making it possible to welded 6mm thick workpieces. At the same time, the double 2.0 welding wire can meet the filling effect of large welded seam thick materials, thereby ensuring the stability and reliability of welding workpieces.

图片 图片

Of course, the new scheme launched by the Laser Laser has good compatibility. For thick plates, the dual 2.0 welding wire mode can be used. For the thin plate, the dual 1.0 welding wire mode can also be used. A set of solutions can cover more needs of users.

3. Tonglin Shuangbi step into the wire delivery machine

Perfect help wide weld

It can be said that the wire delivery machine is the main supporting equipment for handheld laser welding, and most handheld welding machines are equipped with wire delivery machines. The new plan for laser fish scale pattern welding is more harsh on the wire delivery machine. It is necessary to accurately run the operation to 1mm/s in order to stabilize the silk during slow operation. Born, the two are perfectly combined, and the welded fish scales are the effect, as if in the Jiangnan Shipyard, and witnessed the works of Zhu Ruixia, a "masked welder".


Tonglin stepped into the dual -free wire machine


Welding effect


In general, the increase in the double -swing spots of the Linlin means that the hand -holding laser welding has entered the era of thick plate welding, and once again brings opportunities to laser welding applications. Laser's laser gathers more than 100 people teams. By continuously innovating and exploration, focusing on laser welding, breaking the technical blind zone again and again, and expanding new applications again and again, so that more technical problems are no longer mythical.

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