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What is the difference between a fully automatic laser welding machine and a handheld laser welding machine?

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When users purchase laser welding equipment, they usually customize production according to their own product requirements or laser welding equipment manufacturers according to the user’s needs. There are also many parts of the standard production models of some products on the market that will be fully stocked, but more Mostly, the power and configuration of the welding equipment are determined through communication with the user or the requirements of the product process itself. In this process, a small part of the process can choose to use (handheld laser welding machine) manual laser spot welding machine or automatic laser welding Both machines can meet product welding requirements. So in what environment is it better to use a manual laser welding machine or a hand-held laser welding machine?

Mini hand held laser welding machine

Compared with a fully active laser welding machine, not only the purchase cost is high, but also the maintenance and maintenance cost is not rare. The finer the tool, the more important it is for maintenance, and the cost is naturally higher. The CNC automation of the fully active laser welding platform is correct. The efficiency and versatility of the working table are relatively high, but in real applications, this is not a panacea. It can achieve the flexibility of different applications and single-structure complex welding. There is no advantage in automatic welding. This also limits the role of the fully active laser welding machine, and what we are going to focus on today is the handheld laser welding machine. Its welding effect is performed by the handheld laser welding head. The control angle is diversified and more compliant. Product welding with multi-angle shapes, as long as the power is sufficient and large, can conform to the irregular welding of most products.

Low maintenance cost:

Manual hand-held laser welding equipment, no fine welding platform, low energy consumption of consumables, low cost of equipment deployment and maintenance.

Small-scale production:

Compared with the deployment of fully automatic equipment, manual handheld laser welding machine will definitely have much lower production compliance. However, for production workshops with sporadic processing or non-wide-scale processing and welding, manual laser welding has more advantages, and there is no need to set up and adjust fully automatically. The laser welding platform and the occupied space environment require, and the important point is that the products welded by the small workshop are diversified and the shape is not firm. Therefore, manual laser welding can meet the needs of this type of production and has better compliance.

Hand-held laser welding equipment can complete the welding operation as long as it is equipped with a portable laser welding head, and the replacement cost of accessories is low.广告字手持激光焊接机

Manual hand-held laser welding machine can not only perform hand-held laser welding operations, but also engage in high-precision welding repair operations of molds through the later erection of the platform. It is the first choice for more small-scale manufacturers of cost-effective welding production equipment.

Manual laser welding machine can also be used for mold welding, advertising word laser welding, metal sheet metal processing welding, stainless steel kitchenware welding, door and window handle stainless steel laser welding

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