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Why are handheld laser welding machines more and more popular?

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Why are handheld laser welding machines more and more popular?

Welders are difficult to recruit, and a good welder is even rarer. Everyone knows that welders are one of the most difficult types of jobs in sheet metal manufacturing. Many companies run the talent market every day and cannot find a good welder. There are many reasons for this. For example, high-quality and fine welding requires very high process and technical requirements for operators, and this often leads to higher labor costs in production. Under multiple factors, many technicians are unwilling to choose this aspect of work, and this has become a recruitment problem that has plagued many companies.

Mini hand held laser welding machine

Recruitment is difficult, but production still has to continue. How to resolve these contradictions? With the technological development of industry automation equipment, more easy and convenient production equipment has emerged for welding operations. For example, after many manufacturing users have used it, it has been proved that this problem can be solved to a certain extent. The widely acclaimed Hongshan Laser FMW series handheld laser welding machine.

Hongshan Laser is a professional manufacturer focusing on the research and development of laser intelligent equipment. Its product line covers laser robots, professional pipe cutting, laser welding, CNC bending, intelligent automatic production lines and other fields. It can provide users with a complete set of fully automated metal forming intelligent production solutions. . The newly launched FMW series laser hand-held welding machine this year has received widespread attention from the industry once it was released. Based on the actual experience of many users, it has the following advantages:

welding (2)

1) Simple operation: The handheld laser welding machine is easy to learn and use, and the operator can easily achieve high-quality welding results. Convenient and quick operating experience, to help companies solve the problem of welder recruitment.

2) High welding efficiency: The hand-held laser welding speed is fast, which is more than twice that of argon arc welding. It can easily double the production efficiency on the basis of saving 2 welding workers.

3) Welding without consumables: the welding operation in most people's impression is "left hand goggles, right hand clamp welding wire". But with the handheld laser welding machine, So Easy, the welding can be easily completed without wire filling during the operation, and the material cost in production and processing is reduced.

4) Good welding effect: Hand-held laser welding is hot-melt welding. Compared with traditional welding, laser welding has a higher energy density and can achieve better welding results.


5) High energy efficiency conversion: People who don't know, after knowing the effect of laser application, will naturally wonder whether the energy consumption of laser equipment is very high. The fact is just the opposite. The photoelectric conversion efficiency of the laser is as high as 30%, and the energy consumption is lower.

6) Convenient and flexible to use: Hand-held laser welding, no need for a fixed-point station, free and flexible, and a wide range of reach.

7) The welding seam does not need to be polished: after traditional welding, the welding point needs to be polished to ensure smoothness and no roughness. The hand-held laser welding precisely reflects more advantages in the processing effect: continuous welding, smooth and no fish-scale patterns, beautiful and no scars, and less follow-up polishing procedures.

8) Wobble head: large light spot, wide range of use, can be adapted to the welding of a variety of products.


Difficulties in recruiting workers have been a major pain point in the manufacturing industry in recent years. At the moment when labor costs are rising and uncontrollable, the production model is in urgent need of transformation and upgrading. Intelligent manufacturing and automation are both feasible directions. For business owners who have welding production needs, choosing a hand-held laser welding machine is a long-term strategic investment with small investment and large results, and it is worth pondering.

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