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Large surround high power High Speed Automobile Manufacturing Stainless Steel Carbon Metal Enclosed Fiber Cnc Laser Cutter

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  • F3015D


DAPENG Laser  F3015D Large encirclement automatic exchange fiber laser cutting machine

Product Description

Laser cutting machine 3015D double table series fiber laser cutting machine adopts precise German IPG, SPI, Rofin or domestic Raycus laser. Combined with the gantry CNC machine tool designed by our company, it is processed by high temperature annealing and high precision processing. Has good stiffness and stability.

Fiber laser cutting machine 3015D table features

* Workbench weight per unit: > 3 tons, total machine weight > 4.8 tons. (2000w-4000w workbench net weight 3.8 tons, total machine weight 5.4 tons)

*The fuselage is welded by 18-20mm thick steel plate and 8mm square steel. Workbench load > 1.2 tons (2000w-4000w workbench load 2.0 tons)

*Maximum running speed: 100m/min (120m/min optional)

*X, Y, Z axis positioning accuracy: ≤±0.03mm/m

*X, Y, Z axis repeatability: ≤±0.03mm/m

*X, Y, Z axis repeatability: ≤±0.03mm/m

*Line width≤0.15mm

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1,Gantry double drive structure, smooth and reliable movement.
2,Thickened heavy machine bed and worktable, no deformation for 20 years, greatly extending the service life of the machine.
3,Precision gear rack drive, with high response and high precision servo motor.
4,The international first-class quality of fiber laser, industrial application for many years, long service life, maintenance free, stable and reliable.
5,High precision laser cutting head, imported optical lenses, is focused on the fine, the adjustment is convenient, cutting perfect.
6,A double closed-loop control capacitive height controller, low requirement to the steel sheet, cutting quality is stable and reliable.
7,CNC system is concise and easy operation, low requirements for the operator.
8,Cutting graphic input multiple formats, powerful draw and edit graphics function.
9,China top professional laser cutting software, cutting technology experts, data call functions.

* Using Germany IPG laser source, the electro-optical conversion efficiency is high, which can save power consumption during work and save operating cost.  
* The design of the dual platform, when one workbench is cutting, the other workbench can simultaneously work on the loading and unloading to improve work efficiency.
* The focal length of the cutting head can be self-adjusted following the surface height of the material, even if the surface of the material is not flat, the cutting quality can be guaranteed.
* Equipped with a handheld controller, you can manually control the cutting position
* With precision ball screw, rack and pinion, linear guide transmission operation, thus achieving high precision, high efficiency and stability of the machine tool.
* The switch of the solenoid valve and the proportional valve is controlled by the system. The input value in the numerical control system can control the size of the proportional valve outlet, without manual adjustment.
* High-strength integrated welding fuselage and aerospace-grade aluminum alloy beams are subjected to high-temperature annealing to ensure long-term use without deformation.

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Dapeng laser specializing in R&D, manufacturing laser marking, cutting and welding machines, we also provides Laser sources and spare parts to the laser machine manufacturers in China and surrounding countries.

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