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Portable handheld fiber laser marking machine

Portable fiber laser marking machine is also known as hand-held fiber laser marking machine. It is designed to solve the problem of laser marking of existing large parts. The size of the whole machine and the main computer box is small and convenient, which can be hand-held for operation, and can be used for laser marking of large mechanical parts in any direction.
  • DPH-20/30/50W


Portable handheld fiber laser marking machine

手持式激光打标机系列说明书(通用版)Manual for laser marking machine series (general version).pdf

Machine specifications:

Equipment principle Overview:Fiber laser marking machine is the use of laser beam in a variety of different substances on the surface of permanent marks. Play the effect of mark is through material surface evaporation show deep material, either light energy caused by surface physical chemistry and "carve out" traces of a physical change or

light energy to burn, by part of the material, show the etching patterns, text, bar code and other kinds of graphics, fiber laser marking machine refers to the marking machine is using a fiber laser, Fiber laser has small volume (no water cooling device, using air cooling), good beam quality (basic mode), maintenance free.

Scope of application and use:

Widely used in integrated circuit chips,mold, microelectronics, computer accessories, industrial bearings, clocks and watches,

sanitary ware, electronics and communication products, aerospace components, all kinds of auto parts, household appliances, hardware tools, dies, wire and cable, food packaging, jewelry, medical equipment, tobacco, military, and many other areas of graphics and text markup, batch production line operations.

Machine components:

Optical system: laser 20W/30W /50W MAXPHOTONICS

Scanning galvanometer:ScanQuick3-SC-110S  λ=1064nm

Lens:70mmX70mm/100mmX100mm  focusing lens

Control software:DP EzCAD

touch-screen computer:11.6MINI PC 4+64G

The control cabinet:Dp-SC portable(400mm*230mm*380mm)


Machine features:

Portable, optional 48V lithium service battery, can be more widely used in outdoor work, lasting 6 hours.

Stable laser power output, good spot quality; ⊙ High marking speed, 2-3 times that of traditional YAG;

No operating system restrictions, easy to operate, fully closed optical path, stable and reliable, maintenance-free;

Long life, more than 100,000 hours;

No pollution, no noise, no consumables. Power consumption is 5%-10% of that of traditional models;

Overcome the weakness of high anti material damage laser, can mark all metals, but also can carve most non-metallic materials;

ultra high precision, resolution up to 2540dpi

Software features:

Humanized operation process, good stability of equipment operation; Special control software can be compatible with Auto CAD, CorelDRAW, Photoshop and other software output

Can receive various BMP, JPG, DXF, PLT, AI files and other formats

Automatic generation of a variety of serial numbers, production date, one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code

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Dapeng laser specializing in R&D, manufacturing laser marking, cutting and welding machines, we also provides Laser sources and spare parts to the laser machine manufacturers in China and surrounding countries.

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