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HANLI HL-1500 cutting machine chiller laser cutting machine fiber laser marking machine

1500w laser chiller
Matching 1500W fiber laser, large cooling capacity, stable performance and trouble-free, clean water quality, good heat exchange effect with fiber laser, and linkage signal to protect the laser...
  • HL-1500


  • HANLI HL-1500


The cooling effect of an industrial chiller depends on its quality. However, industrial chillers are always subject to wear and aging during use. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly maintain and analyze and record its operating parameters, listen to the sounds made during operation, check the use of refrigerants and refrigeration oil, etc., and perform regular maintenance. Maintenance and other operations. The daily maintenance of industrial chillers can be considered from the following 5 points:

1. Regularly clean the condenser and evaporator

The condenser/evaporator is the second most important component of an industrial chiller, and it is best to clean it every six months. The cooling water of the water-cooled condenser is an open circulation loop, and the tap water used is recycled through the cooling water tower, which is easy to decompose and deposit impurities to form scale on the water pipe, which affects the heat transfer effect. Excessive scaling will also reduce the flow cross-section of the cooling water, reduce the amount of water, and increase the condensing pressure. Therefore, when the tap water is of poor quality, it is best to clean it at least once a year to remove the scale in the pipe, and it is best to treat the tap water.

2. Regularly check the compressor

The compressor is the "heart" of the chiller, and its quality directly affects the stability of the chiller during use. If the compressor fails to repair, the cost is relatively high, especially the high precision of the screw compressor is expensive. Therefore, if you hear abnormal noises or other conditions from the compressor, you must contact the chiller manufacturer to find a professional engineer to overhaul, find out the cause, and perform maintenance.

3. Regular inspection of safety valves

The condenser and evaporator of industrial chillers are pressure vessels. According to regulations, a safety valve must be installed on the high-pressure end of the chiller, that is, the condenser body. Once the unit is in an abnormal working environment, the safety valve can automatically relieve pressure , In order to prevent possible harm to the human body caused by high pressure.

4. Regularly replace the filter drier

The filter drier is an important part to ensure the normal circulation of the refrigerant. Since water and refrigerant are incompatible with each other, if the system contains water, it will greatly affect the operating efficiency of the chiller. Therefore, it is very important to keep the system dry. The filter element inside the dryer filter must be replaced regularly.

5. Regularly replace the lubricating oil

After long-term use of industrial chillers, the oil quality of lubricating oil will deteriorate, and the impurities and moisture inside the oil will increase, so the oil quality should be regularly observed and checked. Once a problem is found, it should be replaced in time. The brand of lubricant to be replaced should best be the one provided by the original manufacturer.

I will share with you the maintenance of industrial chillers. Industrial chillers are widely used in plastics, electroplating, electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, printing, food processing and other industrial refrigeration processes that require the use of chilled water, or can also be used Provide comfortable air conditioning for villas, restaurants, hotels, institutions, schools, factories and other people's activity spaces.


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